Stoves: Baldwin with 6-Litre Pot

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Designed for use with the 6-litre Pot, this extremely efficient stove uses 65% less wood and produces less smoke than an open fire.

  • Outer Mantle increases heat insulation
  • Ash Tray for easy disposal
  • Stick Shelf for fuel placement
  • Heat-resistant rubber Handles
  • Built-in steam vent
  • Machine-polished finish
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Outer Mantle:

For increased heat insulation.

Ash Tray:

For ease of cleaning.

Stick Shelf:

For holding of fuel.

Heat-resistant Handles:

Rubber handles for added insulation.


Dimensions D x H

330mm x 295mm



Stove Material

430 Stainless Steel

Handle Material

Heat Resistant Rubber

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Dimensions 375 × 375 × 295 mm