About eCO₂pot

Our revolutionary eCO2pots are an energy-efficient, climate-smart cooking solution for environmentally conscious customers.

Available in three pot sizes (4, 6 and 8-litre) and a 2-litre frying pan. The optimised double-wall construction and triple-layer bottom reduces fuel use and improves cooking times.

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Brand Features

  • Energy Efficient
  • Climate Smart
  • Accelerated heating/cooking
  • Made in Africa
  • Cost Effective

Double pot wall that improves insulation

Heat-resistant rubber handles

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Ener-G Africa Assembling

Product Features

  • Heat-resistant lid and side handles
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Durable 100% stainless steel body
  • Double wall for heat retention
  • Triple layer base for even heat
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What’s Included

  • eCO2pot
  • Long handle (if you purchased the long handle version)
  • Stainless steel vented lid
  • Instructions for attaching the long handle
Ener-G Africa Pot Label

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    2L eCO2pot Frying Pan

    Pan: 2-Litre eCO2pot

    R350.00 inc. VAT (15%)
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    4Litre eCO2pot Short Handles

    Pot: 4-Litre eCO2pot (Short Handles)

    R410.00 inc. VAT (15%)
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    6Litre eCO2pot Short Handles

    Pot: 6-Litre eCO2pot (Short Handles)

    R450.00 inc. VAT (15%)
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    8Litre eCO2pot Short Handles

    Pot: 8-Litre eCO2pot (Short Handles)

    R505.00 inc. VAT (15%)
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Making sustainability a top priority from the start

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A layer of aluminium is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel, forming a tri-ply encapsulated base. This ensures excellent heat conductivity for rapid, even cooking.

The inner pot contains the food that is being cooked.  The outer wall creates an extra layer of insulation to keep the heat trapped in to the surfaces of the inner pot. As the heat rises from source, much of that heat will immediately be lost with a conventional pot, as it rises into the air. The eCO2pot traps this heat in-between the inner pot and the outer layer of the pot. 

The eCO2pot reduces the amount of heat lost when cooking, as the double wall traps in more of the heat created at source, heating all surfaces of the inner pot.  A traditional pot only heats up from the base and not around the sides of the pot. 

The eCO2pot is easy to clean. You will need a nylon tube brush to get in-between the inner and outer pot.  Use hot soapy water. Do not use any abrasive materials, such as steel wool, as these can scratch the pot.