Who We Are

Ener-G-Africa is a champion of sustainability in Africa, addressing the obstacles posed by climate change through locally developed sustainable energy solutions and clean energy products, spanning the entire continent.

5+ Years

developing sustainable energy solutions


jobs created


cookstoves manufactured in 2022

The EGA Story

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EGA was founded with the goal of promoting sustainable energy solutions following the realization that the demand for high-quality energy products in Malawi exceeded the market’s supply.


EGA embarks on the distribution of Advanced Biomass Stoves, as well as launching the company’s inaugural rural stove implementation initiative in partnership with CQC. Additionally, EGA augments its solar wholesale capabilities.


EGA strengthens its collaboration with CQC, culminating in an investment for the initial manufacturing line of the TLC-CQC Rocket Stove

Ener-G Africa Our History


EGA records a 500% surge in its stove manufacturing capacity, along with a significant doubling of solar product sales. Furthermore, the company achieved a 300% spike in its stove implementation programs.


EGA expands its operations by launching a new stove manufacturing facility in Cape Town, South Africa, which serves as the company’s new headquarters. The introduction of this new line results in a twofold increase in production output.


EGA commissions a solar panel assembly plant at its Cape Town headquarters. The facility, which is led by women, is the second of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa and is poised to achieve remarkable growth and progress.


The solar plant commences production, and EGA launches its second manufacturing plant in Paarl, South Africa. The new facility specializes in the production of Advanced Biomass Stoves, cookstove components, and a cookware line.

The Future is Solar

Unlocking Africa’s potential lies in the adoption of sustainable energy practices, and EGA is spearheading this movement through its manufacturing proficiency and expertise.

  • RENEWED investment in our proficiencies
  • INCREASED manufacturing capacity
  • EXTENDED product range
  • EXPANDED operations and design development
  • COMMUNITY engagement and empowerment

Our Vision

Sustainability is our driving force, and we are deeply committed to it. For us, the journey towards sustainability begins and concludes with the adoption of cleaner, more efficient energy solutions.

EGA recognizes that genuine sustainability entails being self-sufficient and vertically integrated, covering both upstream and downstream operations. We strive to ensure market viability while also fostering long-term partnerships to promote industry growth across the continent.

Facilitating job creation is essential for propelling economic growth, mitigating poverty, and enhancing social cohesion.

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Our Board of Directors

Ener-G Africa Andre Moolman

Andre Moolman

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

With 25 years of experience in managing programs and leading significant business units in Malawi and South Africa, Andre Moolman co-founded EGA in 2017, subsequently driving the company’s expansion, transforming it into a multi-national entity with a broad presence across Africa. Andre is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Ener-G-Africa Richard Bunderson

Richard Bunderson

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Richard Bunderson is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for pioneering initiatives that can make a positive impact in Africa. In his efforts to bring sustainable energy solutions to the continent, he has driven the development of commercial forestry operations and utility-scale solar projects prior to co-founding Ener-G-Africa in 2017. Richard is currently based in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Ener-G-Africa Ken Newcombe

Ken Newcombe

Co-Founder and Chairman

Dr. Ken Newcombe, currently the CEO of C-Quest Capital, has previously held key positions as the Managing Director at Goldman Sachs in the Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities Division in New York, and the Vice-Chair and Co-Manager of Carbon Markets for Climate Change Capital. Before transitioning to the private sector, Ken played a pivotal role in the global carbon trade, spearheading the launch of eight carbon funds worth over $1 billion while at the World Bank.

Ener-G-Africa Mark Woodhall

Mark Woodall

Board Member and Director

Mark Woodall, the Chief Investment Officer of C-Quest Capital, is an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and board member. He has extensive experience of over 25 years in developing and financing renewable energy, carbon, and clean technologies. Mark founded and helmed two investment banking firms specializing in the low carbon economy, where he raised the largest private-sector carbon fund worldwide, worth over $1 billion in 2005, and served as the Chair of the Investment Committee.