Specializing in the manufacture of clean energy products, our innovative initiatives are making an impact.


Reduced household expenditure for firewood


Reduction in firewood required


Reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions

Enriching the lives of people across Africa.

We believe we can transform communities by giving them access to efficient cookstoves – improving their livelihoods and slowing the effects of climate change which directly impact them.

We work in partnership with C-Quest Capital (CQC) to serve previously unserviceable markets through carbon-based financing.

  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Diminished land degradation and deforestation
  • Decreased household consumption and expenditure of firewood
  • Improved health and well-being of women and children (most commonly the cooks of their households)

Protect our forests

Reduce Deforestation. Nearly 3 billion people in the world use traditional cookstoves or open fires using solid fuels.

We promote adoption and use of cleaner, healthier, more efficient improved cookstoves {ICS) focused especially on rural and peri- urban households.

Using social impact investment resources and carbon financing, we work with international partners to distribute cleaner burning, more efficient cookstoves, and improved kitchen ventilation to base-of-the pyramid households.

Ener-G Africa Malawi Landscape