Ener-G Africa’s FAQs: Energy Solutions Simplified


In 2017 EGA was founded with the goal of promoting sustainable energy solutions following the realization that the demand for high-quality energy products in Malawi exceeded the market’s supply.

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EGA has the engineering expertise and in-house capability to mass produce any bespoke metal parts you require, including:
Sheet Metal Laser
CNC machining
CNC milling
CNC turning
CNC Wire cutting
Metal Bending
Metal Surface Treatment
Welding – MIG & TIG
Wet Painting – specialised heat resistance wet paints
Automated specialised dipping line
Automated machinery for use with Aluminium, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Special-purpose steels, Galvanised steel

EGA manufactures high quality, durable energy saving products in Africa focussing on the African market. 

Email us with your details including location and quantities required and we will respond to your request. 

Please email your request, contact details and motivation to info@ener-g-africa.com 

An energy-efficient cookstove or ABS works by efficiently burning small pieces of wood or other biomass fuel in a combustion chamber. The design of the stove allows for improved airflow, which helps burn the fuel more completely and produce more heat for cooking.

While both rocket stoves and advanced biomass stoves are types of improved cookstoves designed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than cooking on open fires, they are not exactly the same. Here are some key differences between rocket stoves and advanced biomass stoves:

Rocket Stove:

-Rocket stoves are a type of biomass stove featuring a vertical combustion chamber and chimney-like design to maximize airflow and burn fuel more efficiently.

– Known for their simple and low-cost design, rocket stoves are popular in developing countries and for outdoor cooking.

– Typically used for cooking food but can also be used for heating water and other purposes.

Advanced Biomass Stove:

– Advanced biomass stoves refer to a broader category of improved cookstoves that incorporate advanced technology and design features to enhance efficiency and reduce emissions.

– Available in various designs and configurations

– While advanced biomass stoves may be more complex and expensive than traditional rocket stoves, they often offer higher efficiency and lower emissions.

Using an advanced biomass stove can help save fuel, reduce smoke and emissions, cook food faster, and be more environmentally friendly compared to cooking on open fires.

The suitability for indoor use depends on the type of stove and whether it specifies on the box that it can be used indoors. 

Using an advanced biomass stove helps reduce indoor air pollution and exposure to harmful smoke, which has positive impacts on respiratory health for those using the stove.