We can transform communities through skills and knowledge transfer, empowering individuals who work with us and for us.


People employed

Made in Africa for Africa

Manufacture and export


Stoves manufactured daily

Ener-G Africa Made in malawi manufacturing

Made in Africa

We feel strongly that the continent will benefit significantly by unlocking its renewable energy potential and building its value chain of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors across the product spectrum.

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By assembling and manufacturing products, Ener-G-Africa is not only reducing the need to import goods but is also encouraging cross border trade and income generation within the continent.

Ener-G Africa Malawi Manufacturing
Ener-G Africa People Employed

Improved Livelihoods

Almost 2 million households impacted

First in Africa

The only women-led solar plant in South Africa

2 hours per day

Time saving for women as a result of using our fuel efficient cookstoves

Our model approach: create skilled professionals through manufacturing employment

Through local manufacturing, job creation, and skills transfer, we’re adding real value to the countries in which we operate.

Ener-G Africa Value Addition

Empowerment of African women

At Ener-G-Africa, we believe in women’s empowerment, both for the women we serve and the women we employ.

The workplace represents the front line in the battle for gender equality. Ener-G-Africa takes pride in the number of women benefitting from our story. From the women in the manufacturing plants, those in managerial positions, field distribution co-ordinators , right through to the women using our products, we take notice of every one of them. Improving lives through inclusion.

Ener-G Africa Empowerment 01
Ener-G-Africa Empowerment 03
Ener-G Africa Empowerment 02