Sustainability through Innovation

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Our mission

  • SUSTAINABLE energy solutions
  • INNOVATIVE products
  • COMMUNITY empowerment
  • LOCAL production facilities
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Positive Impact

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Clean Renewable Energy

With years of experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities in Malawi and South Africa, EGA is committed to providing exceptional locally-produced solutions for clean cooking and renewable energy.

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Ener-G-Africa Innovative Manufacturing in Africa

Innovative Manufacturing in Africa

  • SUPPLIES top-quality hybrid and off-the-grid solar systems
  • DEVELOPS energy-efficient cookstove technology
  • MANUFACTURES solar panels, cookstoves, and cookware
  • DESIGNS and manufactures Advanced Biomass Stoves
  • PRODUCES biomass fuels
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The benefits of EGA’s homegrown approach

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the need for imported goods


cross-border trade

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income across the continent


the livelihoods of thousands of Africans



Discover Our Brands

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Our eCO₂Pots are an energy- efficient, climate-smart cooking solution for nature-conscious customers. Designed to work with the MAFECS, FAB, gas and traditional fire stoves, the double wall design allows wider distribution of heat. Discover the brand
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The FAB stove provides high-efficiency combustion cooking by burning eco-friendly biomass pellets cleanly and efficiently. The stove comes with a 20-watt solar panel and a power bank with cable. Discover the brand
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Our Multi-Application Fuel Efficient Cooking System Stove is designed to work together with out eCO2Pot series. Extremely efficient, you will cook your meals twice as fast with half the fuel. Discover the brand
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Compatible for use with electric, induction or gas hobs, our expertly crafted range of cook-safe, high-quality stainless steel cookware, offers a durable and efficient cooking experience with a triple layer aluminium sandwich base for quicker and even heating. Discover the brand
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Ener-G-Africa Solar


We produce panels to suit your individual needs. From a 20-watt to a 460-watt solar panel, the range enables you to manage your home energy requirements with a top quality product that you can afford. Discover the brand
Elevate your culinary experience with Ener-G Africa’s innovative cookware range. Designed for efficiency and sustainability, each piece empowers your kitchen adventures. Discover the brand

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    2L eCO2pot Frying Pan

    Pan: 2-Litre eCO2pot

    R350.00 inc. VAT (15%)
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    4Litre eCO2pot Short Handles

    Pot: 4-Litre eCO2pot (Short Handles)

    R410.00 inc. VAT (15%)
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    2L SiZL Frying Pan

    Pan: 2-Litre SiZL

    R320.00 inc. VAT (15%)
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    4L SiZL Pot Short Handles

    Pot: 4-Litre SiZL (Short Handles)

    R340.00 inc. VAT (15%)
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Environmentally Friendly

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Made In Africa For Africa

Making sustainability a top priority from the start

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