Sustainability through Innovation

EGA is a pioneer in delivering sustainable and inventive energy solutions across Sub-Saharan Africa.

With our diverse team of experts, we possess the expertise and vision required to elevate your project to new heights.

Who we are
Ener-G Africa Energy manufacturing equipment
Ener-G Africa What We Do: Provide Clean Energy for Sub-Saharan Africa

Innovative Manufacturing in Africa

  • SUPPLIES top-quality hybrid and off-the-grid solar systems
  • DEVELOPS energy-efficient cookstove technology
  • MANUFACTURES solar panels, cookstoves, and cookware
  • DESIGNS and manufactures Advanced Biomass Stoves
  • PRODUCES biomass fuels

With years of experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities in Malawi and South Africa, EGA is committed to providing exceptional locally-produced solutions for clean cooking and renewable energy.

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Our mission

EGA leads the charge in advancing sustainable energy solutions and pioneering innovative clean energy products throughout the continent.

  • SUSTAINABLE energy solutions
  • INNOVATIVE products
  • COMMUNITY empowerment
  • LOCAL production facilities
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Meet Our Board of Directors

Ener-G Africa Andre Moolman

Andre Moolman

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ener-G-Africa Richard Bunderson

Richard Bunderson

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer
Ener-G-Africa Ken Newcombe

Ken Newcombe

Co-Founder and Chairman
Ener-G-Africa Mark Woodhall

Mark Woodall

Board Member and Director