Ener-G-Africa launches local clean cooking stoves and cookware factory

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Factory Launch

Company aims to revolutionise cooking on the continent with clean-burning, fuel-efficient range of affordable stoves and cookware

On 9 May 2024, Ener-G-Africa (EGA) officially launched its cookware manufacturing facility in Paarl, producing a range of clean-burning, fuel-efficient stoves and cookware, and employing 100 people from the local community. The event was attended by the Drakenstein municipality Executive Mayor, Stephen Korabie, media, retailers, NGOs and community organisations. A panel discussion on clean and green cooking was led by the World Bioenergy Association president, Christian Rakos.

“This launch is the culmination of a vision to revolutionise cooking in Africa, making it cleaner, healthier, more affordable and better for the environment,” says André Moolman, CEO at Ener-G-Africa. “Cooking remains largely the unrecognised responsibility of women in Africa. Every day, millions of women across the continent have no option but to cook in unsafe conditions, using inefficient equipment. They spend hours collecting firewood for fuel, and cooking on primitive, unhealthy and often dangerous wood-burning stoves. We are looking to change that by providing accessible, cost-effective and innovative cookware that saves women time, money and fuel. We hope to help women reclaim their time, negate safety issues related to firewood collection and improve health outcomes by minimising exposure to harmful smoke. This can help to restore women’s dignity and boost their productivity.”

“The opening of this factory is a landmark event for clean cooking in Africa”, adds Christian Rakos, President of World Bioenergy Association. “Ener-G-Africa’s engagement will include building supply chains for a fuel that can revolutionize cooking in Africa – pelletized biomass coming from various types of agricultural residues and fast growing grasses. This modern fuel offers a clean burning and affordable alternative to firewood and charcoal. The dedicated pellet cookstove built here has the potential to become a unique success story”.

Ener-G-Africa’s clean cooking solutions extend to innovations in the form of sustainable fuels, all aimed at combatting climate change to make universal access to clean cooking by 2030 achievable (SDG 7).

“Our products are designed for clean cooking, which is healthier, and green cooking, which is better for the environment and more sustainable,” Chief Business Development Executive at Ener-G-Africa Dave Lello adds. “Not only are our stoves safer to use but they are also more fuel-efficient, meaning they are more cost-effective.”

Local manufacturing commitment

The manufacturing plant is located in Berg River in the Drakenstein municipality, contributing to job creation and stimulating the local economy. Built at a cost of $1 million (USD), this 3 200m2 factory represents the company’s commitment to local manufacturing. Products are distributed across South Africa and into the rest of the continent.

The plant uses 100% locally made stainless steel and is located near Ener-G-Africa’s other facility – a women-run solar manufacturing plant that is the second largest on the continent.

Ener-G-Africa is a Proudly South African member, committed to an uplifting ethos that promotes social and economic change and progress and to making a meaningful contribution to building South Africa’s economy and alleviating unemployment.

The company has invested in cutting-edge manufacturing technology, including a 6kW laser cutter and a 25m long dishwasher for cleaning the finished cookware. The laser cutter provides high precision and accuracy, with an “auto coil” feature that enables the machine to auto-feed and cut material, increasing efficiency in batch production and minimising material waste. Laser cutting also allows for flexibility in terms of cutting the different shapes and patterns required to produce the full range of cookware.

“As well as serving the needs of African women, our range is well suited to anyone who enjoys cooking outdoors, from camping enthusiasts to South Africans who love to sit around a fire together,” says Moolman. “Our stoves and cookware are fuel-efficient, easy-to-use, clean-burning and designed to bring the joy back into cooking.”

All these products are currently available on our website, www.ener-g-africa.com.

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